Department of Human Genetics


György Vargha M.D., Ph.D.

György Vargha M.D., Ph.D.
Associate professor
Phone: +36 52 512 900 /65977
Personal data:

György Vargha, MD, PhD
retired associate professor
University of Debrecen, Department of Human Genetics
Egyetem tér 1, H–4032 Debrecen, Hungary
Office: Life Sciences Building, Room #2.020
Phone: departmental  +36-52-411-717/65138


1969-1975. Medical University of Debrecen (Hungary), MD, general medical practition

Scientific qualification / title:

1988. Candidate of biological sciences (= PhD)

Language skills:

English, Russian

Positions/work experience:

1975-1994        professor’s assistant
1994-2013        associate professor
All in Dept. of Biology, Medical University of Debrecen, renamed later as Department of Human Genetics, University of Debrecen (Hungary)
2002-2008        director of the Hospital Supervisory Board of Medical and Health Science Center, University of Debrecen

1975-2013        participation in teaching of all subjects of the Department
1986-1988        organizing and maintaining the teaching of „Biology” for Premedical and Medical English                         courses
1990-2013        coordinator of one or more main subjects of the Department
Experience abroad:

1980                 Mikrobiologisches Institut, ETH, Zürich, Switzerland
1988-1990.       Department of Bacteriology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA
1993                 Chemische Mikrobiologie, Bergische Universität, Wuppertal, Germany
2001-2006        Several short visits to Chiba University, Japan (various departments)


1989-90            American Society for Microbiology
For longer period:
                        Hungarian Biochemical Society
                        Chemotherapeutical Section of the Hungarian Pharmacological Society
                        Hungarian Society of Human Genetics


1982     Honorable mention by the Ministry of Health (Hungary)
2005     Innovation Prize by University of Debrecen

Fields of interest:

- Phisiology and differentiation of Streptomyces bacteria
- Bioremediation of hydrocarbon spills in soil
- Chromosome tracing in complex human diseases
- Effects of human WT1 gene mutations and study of WT1 gene expression in some malignant human heamatological diseases

Scientometric data:

Publications: 18 in English, 1 in Hungarian
Independent citations     55
Patent: 1